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Welcome to Dragons Eternal
A family guild of the Saryrn server
Guild Rules
  • You must always endeavor to act in a manner, which brings honor upon you and your guild.
  • Members of DE are here to help each other. The use of guild in asking questions is encouraged. You will not be looked down on if you ask questions in guild. We would prefer to help educate you and help enlighten you than have you feel ill equipped for life.
  • All members should seek players who seek to become new members of the guild.
  • All in-guild toons MUST be labeled M: (main), A:<main's name> (Alt), or T:<main's name> (Trader). So we know who everyone is. This is for security purposes. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • This is a charitable guild. If you have extra items/spells, you should consider donating it to the guild bank or a member. Donating your old gear is not a requirement.
  • KS’ing (stealing a kill from another player) will not be tolerated. Accidents will happen, however, so if you accidentally KS, apologize and attempt to fix it.
  • Training (the act of creating a line of mobs to follow and attack another player) is discouraged, unless your are PLing.
  • Members are expected to have fun and assist those around them in having an enjoyable experience. Fun at the expense or to the detriment of other players will not be tolerated. Joking in guild with your fellow guild members is acceptable, but if you are asked to stop you must do so immediately. Sometimes crude humor does occur with in guild, its strongly recommended that you use the chat filter if you wish not to see cursing in guild chat. Sexist and/or racist comments will not be tolerated, and will result in banishment.
  • Scams or attempts to steal items or money from other players will not be tolerated.
  • A members choice to be in /role-play, or normal mode is at the players discretion. You should NEVER be in "pure /anon mode". Guild tags should be proudly displayed. We want to always know how many members of DE are currently online. At times exceptions can be made, this may only be done with permission from the highest-ranking officer that is available online.
  • All members of the guild must try to master an addition language beyond their "birth" language. Guild members should assist each other in this endeavor.
  • All members of the guild should make all reasonable efforts to master a trade skill, if you are not raiding or in an XP group you are encouraged to be working on a trade skill. Trade skills are a good source of plat.
  • Members are not required to go to all raids/guild events. If a guild meeting is called, you must attend if you are online and are tagged as an Officer/Leader.
  • Any Alliance DE is involved with will be shown respect. Grouping is also encouraged.
  • Members will be able to leave the guild at any point if they decide they cannot comply with the rules or that the guild does not fit their playing style. To leave the guild, a player should contact a Guild Leader or Officer directly.
  • In all votes, majority rules, except that the Guild Leader has final say and veto power on all items. As with all rules, officers will discuss if they feel an exception will be made. DE is not a democracy. The rules of the guild must be followed. In cases of insubordination players may be detagged with little or no warning by the Guild Leader or Officers of the guild for purpose of investigation as well as outright banishment.

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